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Developed with over 20 years of experience working with Associations
and their membership needs. Enterprise class Content management system,
Customer relationship management, Full Ecommerce capabilities,
Membership login with permission levels and opt-in newsletters/blogs
are just some of the features included. Our package helps associations
streamline the management and distribution of information,
products and services, to their membership base.

We can provide anything you may need:
Get your domain name,
Design your Website,
Develop your marketing campaign,
Maintain your content Set-up analytics and much more.

Included in this package:

6 hours FREE of Graphic Design; we help to develop a unified look
and feel, while adhering to your company's graphic requirements.

20 hours FREE of content management for setting up your pages
and navigation and adding copy and images for your products and services.

Including 6 months FREE hosting, to help offset your start-up costs.

Our Association Website package is only $5000
With a deposit of $2500 and an affordable payment plan for any budget.

3 monthly payments - $833

6 monthly payments - $417

9 monthly payments - $278

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